Firm Culture
BOKA Powell offers a dynamic environment where energy and passion are creatively applied inside and outside the studio.


The definition of successful design, regardless of the project scale, extends beyond creating visually compelling design solutions. BOKA Powell’s ability to deliver a wide variety of domestic and international projects resides in our commitment to respond effectively to diverse budget, schedule, and efficiency goals, while exceeding our client’s expectations for design excellence. Each team is led by a Principal who maintains a hands-on leadership role throughout the duration of each project, giving our clients access to the programming, design and project management systems that we have refined over 40 years of practice.


Great design solutions often spring from the collaborative discussion of multiple design options within the team of designers, the client and consultants. We compare and review these options, and through a process of deletion and selection, synthesize the solutions to meet our client’s needs. A wide range of tools are utilized to communicate design ideas, including physical models, hand sketches, 3D renderings and fly-throughs. By involving the entire project team, we achieve our goals of creating consensus and minimizing road blocks.


BOKA Powell utilizes an effective communication style that brings order to the multiple ways team members interface by supporting tools they use, including conference calls, e-mail, GoToMeeting and video conferencing. Our online management of project information – including meeting notes, design presentations and construction documents – allows the client and consultant team to have continuous, yet controlled, access for review, mark-up and group discussion. Our utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has further enhanced the ability of the consultant team to coordinate complex building systems and discover cost-saving solutions.


BOKA Powell is recognized throughout our industry as an innovative, yet prudent, design practice. We carefully evaluate new technology in building design and construction, including innovative construction systems, new materials, advances in under-floor air distribution and MEP systems, and evolution in the technical and cost performance of building systems and materials. Our philosophy is to guard the interests of our clients by thoroughly evaluating the track record of any new concepts and materials prior to proposing their use on a project.


BOKA Powell is committed to creating respectful, sustainable design solutions. The main objectives of our green design approach are to minimize the wasteful expense of energy, water and raw materials, and mitigate environmental degradation caused by materials and systems throughout their life cycle, and beyond. We work to achieve these goals as a matter of course throughout all of our projects, striving where possible to specify materials and systems that have an environmental benefit. When sustainability is a stated goal of the client, our LEED®-accredited design teams bring the ability to achieve the highest standards ― up to LEED Platinum certification.

Outside the Studio

Creativity expresses itself in many ways, and we believe opportunities to collaborate extend beyond traditional design exercises. Each month, “Fun Friday” gives our employees a chance to apply their skills in exciting challenges and events. Balancing “work-hard” and “play-hard” fosters an environment of closeness and camaraderie, especially between team members who do not typically work together. We are also committed to Social Responsibility, giving back to the communities where we live and work. LEARN MORE>