November 07, 2017

Bark + Build 2017: Wag Pad

This year’s concept for Bark + Build Dallas, sponsored by AIA Dallas and TEXO, embraces the idea of less is more, putting a modern twist on quintessential doghouse shape and having fun with color and materiality. The walls are made of clear acrylic and the roof is frosted acrylic. The base is made of a white Silestone, a resilient and beautiful material. In addition, the base provides hidden remote controlled LED light strips that illuminate the walls. The custom handmade dog bed is recessed into the base and has a removable cover for easy washing. The acrylic roof is removable for ease of cleaning and moving. Wag Pad is not only a doghouse but a work of art!

Proceeds from the sale of entries benefit the SPCA of Texas.

Thanks to Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors for bringing the design to life!

Watch the making of Wag Pad!

BOKA Powell Team

  • Courtney Richardson
  • Caroline Buckner
  • Marianne Scheer
  • Olivia Freasier
  • Abraham Gutierrez
  • John Oldham
  • Sabrina Ahmed
  • Siobhan Robinson
  • Austin Woods
  • Wallace the Schnauzer!

Hill & Wilkinson Team

  • Paul Paris
  • Andrew Henry
  • Tom Syverson
  • Chad Anderson