Corporate Interiors

Caliber Collision Headquarters

Lewisville, Texas/80,000 SF

BOKA Powell was selected to relocate Caliber Collision’s headquarters to an existing office building in Lewisville, Texas, previously designed by BOKA Powell, for another corporate user. The single tenant building has two levels with 40,000 SF per floor. Automobile motifs weave through the office’s new interior. The office’s main boardroom features an intricate custom light fixture made out of car parts crafted by Dallas-based artist Lesli Marshall. In the same way that different car parts conjoin to create one machine, the office’s departments are designed to maintain distinct identities yet merge to form a unanimous company culture.  The office’s intersecting spaces are programmed to force positive “collisions” between employees to energize the workspace and create a vibrant forum for exchanging ideas.  The new interior space reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a family-oriented work environment and “restoring the rhythm of life,” Caliber Collision’s slogan.