Corporate Interiors

Kindred Homes

Southlake, Texas / 5,500 square feet

Kindred Homes, a family-owned residential development company with home sites across the United States, engaged BOKA Powell in a holistic design process, beginning with reshaping their identity. To signal the evolution of the company from a former business strategy to a new stance and product offerings, firm ownership partnered with Studio Blue Square, BOKA Powell’s branding and environmental graphics team, to conceive of a new name, logo, and identity package for the company. The focus was on the nature of a home as a place where families make memories, an investment made to foster their kindred connection.

The inspiration for the interior design followed the branding exercise, emphasizing bold, modern elements, mixed with warm, sophisticated material accents that reflect the company’s focus on single-family residential development. Brand icons and colors were thoughtfully integrated into the design through a tessellated application on visual privacy film, accent wall colors, and in a striking logo installation behind the reception desk.