National Museum of World Writing

Songdo, South Korea / 168,455 SF

AIA Dallas 2018 Unbuilt Design Award

A diverse body of world writings provides us with a rich set of parts, often complicated and empowered by the underlying cultural contexts and the specificity of the land, onto which we can build our most memorable stories, complex ideas and important messages to be delivered to the other side of time and space. Therefore, if we were to choose the greatest power of writing forms, it will be this transcendental capacity. “I write; therefore I am. We create; therefore we are”.

Experiential sequence of the museum allows patrons to straddle in and out of intimate viewing of the collections from communal introspection, in spaces such as resting area and circulation zone, reflective of this transcendental power of writing forms, bridging space and time, individuals to peoples.

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National Museum of World Writing

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