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Uber Elevate “Mega Skyport” Concept

Dallas, Texas / eVTOL Aircraft Skyport

As part of the Uber Elevate Summit 2018 in Los Angeles, BOKA Powell presents “Skyport,” a vision for an urban airport structure supporting Uber’s upcoming electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft network. This critical piece of infrastructure is the next step in bringing “flying cars” to the public, spurred by advancements in VTOL aircraft design and Uber’s plans for “on-demand aviation” to connect to its ground transportation system.

“Skyport” takes inspiration from the dynamics of flight, connecting Uber car passengers to Uber’s VTOL network through a vertically-oriented, open-air structure. BOKA Powell’s design can accommodate 1,000 vehicle take-offs and 1,000 vehicle landings per hour (some 2,000 to 4,000 passengers per hour). The structure’s operation is flexible, even allowing for a reversal of vehicle movement to accommodate changes in prevailing wind directions. Skyport takes passengers from curb to cockpit, or vice-versa, in average of less than 3 minutes. Sustainable innovations include micro-turbines integrated into the structure’s skin, turbine-powered regeneration cells at each take-off and landing pad, “living” vegetated walls throughout, and a photovoltaic-clad sun shade covering the building.

“A building typology so epic in scale and yet so clearly comprehended and practical in its use, this Skyport concept soars into the sky with dramatic aspiration for the future of flight and transit. The real key to this solution is the mechanical precision and syncopated rhythm of handling both the aircraft and the customers. By solving these complex processes, the spirit and wonder of future aviation dreams are possible,” said Andrew Bennett, Principal at BOKA Powell.

Operational Statistics:

  • 1,000 VTOL landings and 1,000 VTOL take-offs per hour
  • 2,000 to 4,000 people per hour throughput
  • Six (6) final approach and take-off (“FATO”) pads for landing and six FATO pads for takeoff
  • Reversible operation to accommodate wind change
  • Average time to takeoff from an Uber car or from landing to an Uber ride is 2 minutes and 50 seconds

Watch the presentation, recorded live at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles on May 9, 2018:

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BOKA Powell presents "Skyport" at Uber Elevate Summit 2018

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