Julia Chiang


Interior Designer III

Julia moved around a lot as a child. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, her family migrated to China when she was four. At ten her family came to the United States, and she lived in Seattle before settling in Texas. She says that she finds herself in a better mood when her surroundings are well thought out and well designed and relies on that consideration in her designs. “Great design is harmony,” she says. “You will feel it when you walk into one.” She also believes that the design of a space can make or break the experience offered at a venue, and that is what drove her to pursue Interiors. “I wanted to be able to help make interior environments that are part of a great experience,” she said. Julia is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. In her spare time, she likes to practice target barebow archery--a skill that requires extreme precision.


Bachelor of Interior Design
University of North Texas

Memberships and Accreditations

International Interior Design Association